Vegan Christmas Flapjack

I know that it’s only October, but the shops are full of Christmas tat, the interminable Christmas sofa adverts are already on the telly, so I thought it was time for Ray Mears Extreme Housewifery to get ahead of the rush and get the first Christmas baking recipe out there.

This simple flapjack recipe is suitable for Vegans and therefore people on a dairy-free diet. It takes minutes to throw together so is great in an entertaining emergency. I’ve made this one a bit more adult-friendly, with a boozy twist, since so most flapjacks seem aimed at kids I’m taking them back. This recipe has a slightly higher proportion of oats than a normal flapjack recipe because some of the flavourings are quite wet. This version has worked well for me, let me know if it’s OK for you!

Vegan Christmas Flapjacks 


150g rolled oats
85g soya spread/margarine
85g demerara sugar
1 tsbp of golden syrup to bind (if mix is too dry)
50g sultanas or raisins
30g candied peel
50g suet-free mincemeat
1 tbsp of Dessert Wine (I used Moscatel) or Brandy… Or both.
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp allspice


  • Combine dried fruit, dessert wine or brandy, spices and mincemeat and leave for the flavours to infuse. Give it at least half an hour, but a couple of hours would be preferable.
  • Put the oven on at 180’C to warm up.
  • Combine the oats and sugar in a bowl.
  • Gently melt the soya spread in a pan and add it to the dry ingredients.
  • Add in the fruit and mincemeat mix and gently stir to combine. The mix will be quite dark because of the mincemeat.

  • If the mixture is a little too wet, add some more oats. If it is a bit dry, add some golden syrup. The mixture should be firm enough to hold it’s shape, and sticky, but also wet enough to be patted into the tin without crumbling apart.
  • Grease a square 8″ tin and spoon in the mixture. Pat it down to create a flat layer and bake for 20 minutes or until a slight golden brown takes to the top.
  • Cut into squares while still warm and then leave to cool.


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0 thoughts on “Vegan Christmas Flapjack

  • What a fab idea – I bet people who don't even like mince pies would enjoy these.

    And I SO agree with you on the Christmas tat!

    Thanks for entering #FestiveFoodFriday!

  • These actually look quite impressive. Well done!


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