Sunday Weigh in: Week 10

Not entirely sure what’s gone on this week, but I am happy to confirm that this is one of those weeks where I am sure the scales never lie… Here’s the lowdown:

Start weight: 9st 2lbs
Target weight: 8st 8lbs
This week: -3lb
Total loss: -4lb
Current weight: 8st 13lb
BMI: 22.92 (target 22)

Woo! 3lb loss! And I’m under 23 bmi, which is a great milestone for me. I think that I may have ‘front loaded’ this week and done all my good stuff in the last few days, but we shall see! I went for lunch with The Boy on Monday during my day off. I was relatively good and picked a tuna sandwich instead of mini fish and chips or something like that, but then I had two glasses of wine – and we drank more wine when we got home. This meant I made a simple courgette and potato soup for tea, all out of the garden, so maybe it balances out (warning – do not copy anything I do, ever). 

Tuesday I was back at work, so scrambled egg ad mushroom breakfast, leftover soup lunch and the Boy made homemade fish, chips and mushy peas – so healthier than it could have been. I also had three most unhea;thy looking but delicious biscuits.

Wednesday was a complete write off – went out with friends to use a Groupon voucher for a cocktail and Indian platter. The platter was delicious, but tiny, so we went to another pub and ate pizza as well. Then we stopped for another beer on the way home. Much beer, wine and general merriment. Yum.

Thursday I got a little bit back on the wagon with simple pitta lunch and pasta with pesto and veg for tea. Friday I was off again, so took time to make a fish pie with potato and carrot mash and also my previously blogged wholemeal Fairtrade muffins (only 138 calories each), so all in a relatively good day foodwise. I also cycled into town in the morning, did an hour’s zumba and then cycled back, burning 916 calories, which justified the glasses of wine I had in the evening.

Yesterday, the Boy was out and I couldn’t really be bothered cooking so pretty much just had left over fish pie and some snacks while doing odds of housework. Plus lots of the usual cycling this week to work and back and in between various meetings and somehow that means I lost 3lbs and look like an alky! Woo!

And today I am starting my Jenny Craig 28 day trial. I keep getting a guy trying to ring me to start me off, but he hasn’t called back and I really want to start on a Monday to fit in with my existing weigh in, so I’m taking the initiative. All the pack you get is very clear and easy to follow, so I can’t foresee any problems. I hope it helps with these last 5 or so pounds and then we can move on with maintaining!!

Good luck to all my lovely fellow Diet buddies, hope you all have great weeks too!
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