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I was looking at the fabulous blog, Life in a Breakdown when I came across a blogger competition to win a www.efoxcity.com voucher. I’d never heard of this website before, but the giant flares in the picture (right) absolutely sold it to me, those flares are amazing! So I read on, and decided to give it a whirl. It seems all I have to do is write a short piece on eFoxCity, so let’s have a look at some bits of the website together!

This is an China based clothing website. They supply many boutiques and wholesalers worldwide. I’ll start by taking a little looksy at the delivery terms on that basis… And yes, they offer delivery to many countries around the world and have a good resource for checking what the estimated shipping cost is likely to be.

It seems that their real speciality is tailor made gowns and dresses, including wedding dresses.  Some of the pieces are truly beautiful, the dress pictured here, for example, costs just under $170, not including shipping. Wowee – this is a dress, tailormade to your size, with the colours and fastens that you want for just over £100! Pretty amazing, in fact it makes me want to get married again, just so I can get one of these bargainous, beautiful dresses!

I just noticed that you can change the settings of the website in the top tool bar to get your prices in your own currency. That makes things easier!

On a more practical, less dream world note, eFoxCity also stocks lots of more every day clothes, at some really good prices! I’ve just been running some searches for trousers, cotton tops and jackets and there are lots of nice bits and bobs on there. How cute is this coat for example? And it costs just under £10. This is a great deal for something so adorable, I reckon. 

The shipping on these two items was estimated at £35, which sounds like a lot, until you consider that would be a total of about £150 for a wedding dress, this cutesy sweet coat and all made to your specifications and delivered from China… Not too shabby by my reckoning.

I think that this is a great little website, a bit of a hidden gem. From what I’ve seen, if you need a real statement dress, this would be the place to go. What do you guys reckon? Have you used eFoxCity before? What’s the quality of the clothing like?


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  • Have you bought anything from efoxcity since you wrote this? Did you have a good experience with them?


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