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Edit: Weirdly, two years after I wrote this review, at the request of the company, the post was taken down by Google for copyright infringements. So I’ve removed all of my photos from the post (all of which I took myself, and so are my copyright) and taken down all the links out from this post. 

I have also taken the liberty of crossing out every mention of the product name. I hope that is enough to satisfy the company that this review, this positive review, which they sent me the product for and asked me to write, is not a threat to them.

It’s probably useless as a review now as you can’t see all my nice before and after shots, but far be it from me to infringe somebody’s copyright.

After chatting on Twitter, I was sent a pack of nanoblur to review. nanoblur is made by a Canadian company, Indeed Laboratories. Their tagline for the product is ‘look 10 years younger in 40 seconds’ and they are quite happy to guarentee this claim, so I was very interested to try it.

Obviously at 29, I didn’t expect to look 10 years younger, but perhaps to take the edge off the fine lines and wrinkles that are starting to creep into my skin. I moisturise pretty regularly, but I don’t really bother with anti aging products as a rule as I am happier to grow old gracefully, now I’ve stopped pointlessly aging my skin by smoking. However, I was more intrigued by nanoblur than your usual skin potions and lotions as it is not a makeup, it is an advanced optical cream based on advanced optics technology. Their press release states:


So what did I think? Well, I tried it on my face last night. I applied over my face (I don’t tend to wear foundation or any other skin makeup, so I could just slap it on. It was an opaque white cream with very little smell. Almost immediately I noticed that my skintone became more even, my freckles weirdly less pronounced. It left my skin feeling quite nicely moisturised and the only areas that felt slightly oily were on my temples. It wasn’t shiny at all anywhere though, in fact it made my skin much more even in natural and artificial light.

I asked the Boy what he thought and he said that while he could’t really tell if I looked younger or not, he thought I looked ‘paler’, which I presume is a reference to my skin tone being more even! He certainly intended it as a complement. 

The thing that I really liked is that it smoothed out the appearance of the massive wrinkle in the middle of my forehead a little bit. I thought and frowned way too much as a teenager!! But this was definitely softened out a little, as were the little fine lines around my mouth. So all in all, I was pretty impressed with its performance on my face. I made The Boy take me to the pub, and I certainly felt a bit more confidence. It’s kind of like having a professionally applied foundation, without all the hassle!

I was wondering if it worked on my hands too, so I’ve tried it out this morning. Again, I am really pleased with it. My ex-smokers hands have quite a lot of fine lines on them and often look quite dry from cycling. This made them look moisturised and soft and seemed to ease away the fine lines. I would say that my hands have ended up looking younger than my face did! Apologies, my before picture is a bit blurry. I really need to use a better camera for blog posts than the one on my iPod!

nanoblur is available at Boots, retailing at £19.99 at the time of writing. I’m pretty impressed with it and will certainly be using it for special occasions and nights out to give me a little boost. I like that it doesn’t claim a long term fix, but it does deliver on that urge for instant gratification. I’d be interested to see the effects on slightly older skin – I would think the results would be more dramatic, but I was happy with how it worked for me. I reckon if I used nanoblur before a big party or celebration I would definitely get looks of people telling me I was looking well but not being able to put their finger on why! A well deserved 8 out of 10 Extreme Points for nanoblur then. Does what is says on the tin,  a nice quick fix.


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