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I really enjoy customising my clothes. Since the recession hit, it has become the thrifty thing to do, but it has always been the fun, creative option. I was asked to review the DIY studding materials that are available through the Crystals and Gems website.

I must admit, I was incredibly excited when this little bundle arrived through the post. I’ve not had much time to work on craft projects recently because I am trying to finish off one big project that is taking up all my spare time (more on that when it’s finished!) so having some items to review was a great excuse to put that to one side for an afternoon and try something new.

In the package I was sent, I received one pack of silver 9mm pyramid studs, one pack of silver 5mm pyramid studs, and a pack of small round studs. There was also a tool to press down the prongs at the back of the studs.

Looking round the Crystals and Gems shop, I could see that their prices are very reasonable. Each pack of 100 studs would go a long way and prices range from £2.49 to £3.49 for a pack of the pyramid studs, depending upon what size you wanted. Studded embellishment is everywhere this season, on clothes, shoes and bags – so why not cut out the middle man and make your own? For example, the black studded bandeau top pictured on the left here is currently retailing at £38.99 on Asos. You can get essentially the same top currently at Boohoo for £6.00. That means that you could make a great copy for under a tenner, have loads of studs left to embellish other clothes and save yourself nearly £30 in the process!

So, how did I get one with my afternoon of studding? Well, I had a lot of fun in the first place. I started experimenting on an old pair of shorts. You poke the prongs of the stud through the fabric and use the tool to bend the prongs over. It’s easy enough but it takes a little concentration to get everything even and straight – as you can see from my pictures below! The prong pressing tool is really handy. You could use other things to press the prongs down, but they are likely to get scratched and the task gets more and more fiddly, the smaller the studs you use. I found the tool not only made the job easier and faster, but the rounded edges allowed you to ensure the ends of the prongs were well pushed in to the slight recess at the back of each stud, meaning you are not left with any uncomfortable sharp edges.

After I’d had a little practice with the square studs on my shorts I decided to add a new lease of life to one of my boring shopping bags. Naturally I couldn’t resist adding the peace sign to something, as is my wont, so I had a go at that. Freestyling it seemed to work quite well, I was pleased with the results.

Now I’ve had a little practice I’m really into it! I can see all sorts of potential for making funky, bespoke gifts. I also happen to think that this embellishment technique would really suit homewares as well as clothing. Cushions would look awesome, but perhaps not be as comfortable as you’d like, but I reckon things like lampshades would look excellent with some studs added to them. A great way to liven up all clothes and decorations. I’ve decided that tomorrow I am going to go to the local carboot (hopefully it’s still on, not finished for the winter – if not, I’ll go to the charity shop) and find a little renovation project – something that i can add a great stud pattern to to really perk it up.

I can’t give anything but 10 out of 10 Extreme Points for Crystals and Gems. I had a lovely hour of diversion using their products. The quality of both the studs and the tools is excellent and represents great value for money. And in terms of doing your own customisation, you can clearly save a bundle on paying through the nose for spiked and studded outfits from the high street. A great think, I definitely recommend checking them out.

By the bye, as I was working on this, I was reminded very strongly of Tetris… Do you think it would be weird to get a load of different colours of the large pyramid studs and make a jacket with a game of Tetris on the back? I’m copyrighting that idea right now by the way, so if I see someone else doing it, consider yourself sued! LOL. But seriously, back off my ideas everyone…

How the studs look on the back
And now is your chance to win a set of studs and a great prong pressing tool for yourself! This competition is open to UK entrants. Enjoy!

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