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As many of you will know, I’ve been blogging for a while about my goal of losing the last couple of excess kilos that I carry. I was successful in almost reaching my goals in time for the summer weddings I was attending, but subsequently spending three weeks in the USA has put me back somewhat. See tomorrow’s weigh in post to see the full extent of the damage – I am not looking forward to it!! The food was huge, the beer was flowing and I did not have my trusty cycle with me. This is not a good combination for weight loss.

I have just found out that the people at Jenny Craig UK are offering an opportunity to win £400 towards a new bike from Evans Cycles if you ask a question of their weight management experts. I can’t possibly pass this up for two reasons:

1. My bike is a second hand, £20 job off Gumtree – and a new one would make my commute much easier and make it much more likely that I will be able to cycle longer distances in the future.
2. I have a legitimate question, and here it is…

I am working hard to get down to a sensible weight, and I do not have far to go to reach my goals. My main worry is not that I will not achieve my target, but that I will struggle to maintain it in the future. The weight management industry seems significantly more geared up to helping people to lose weight than helping them to maintain it when they reach a healthy balance. The cynical part of me thinks this is the weight loss industry’s ‘cash cow’ – don’t help people to maintain a healthy weight, then you can just keep on selling them products every time they pile the pounds back on again.

My question, therefore, is – what advice is out there for people who have stopped losing weight and are looking to maintain it, and how does Jenny Craig UK support these longer term goals and lifestyle changes?


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