Sunday Weigh in: Week 9

Not a great week this week, safe to say that’s because of the massive burger and whole bunch of wine I ate on Friday in response to finally finishing my mammoth 19 day working week! I’m not to fussed though, I’ve had a slight gain as seen in my BMI but not enough to tip me over into a different pound on the scales, so I’m calling it a stayed the same.

I didn’t have the energy to get to Bokwa this week with all the late night’s at work but I’ll be back on it this week after a relaxing weekend. Feeling a bit sniffly today so hoping I’ve not got a cold coming on, but perhaps that would help me avoid the snacks and the booze! I’ll be starting my Jenny Craig trial this week so hopefully that’ll do the trick for shifting my last half stone or so… Fingers crossed!

Start weight: 9st 2lbs
Target weight: 8st 8lbs
This week: Stayed the same
Total loss: -1lb
Current weight: 9st 1lb
BMI: 23.41 (target 22)

Best of luck to the rest of our merry band of Sunday diet buddies. Quite a lot of new faces this week, so welcome and hope you all get a more fabulous result than me!

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