Sunday Weigh in: Week 8

Start weight: 9st 2lbs
Target weight: 8st 8lbs
This week:1lb loss
Total loss: -1lb
Current weight: 9st 1lb
BMI: 23.37 (target 22)

The never ending working week continues (today is Day 14) but on the plus side, not having any time to myself means that I haven’t had chance to eat too badly. I’ve had a few drinks, but no late nights as I’m too tired. I’ve had some lovely choccy biscuits but also spent hours standing around a trench showing people Leicester’s archaeology, so it all seems to have balanced out! I am very happy with my 1lb loss this week, it’s all going in the right direction!

I went to my first ever Bokwa class this week as well which was absolutely tonnes of fun – comes highly recommended and a great workout.

In other news, if you remember my post a few weeks ago, posting a question to Jenny Craig for their blogger competition, you may be interested to know I won! So, not only will I get to try a month on Jenny Craig for free- which will hopefully make a serious dent in those last few pounds, but I will also get £400 to spend on a new bike from Evans Cycles – woooooooo! Imagine me running around the house shouting “BIKE BIKE BIKE!” and that will give you some idea of how excited I am. Since I started cycling in February, I have really wanted a better bike as I think it will open up the possibility of cycling much greater distances, which I hope will really help to keep that weight off. Abolutely amazing news!

Good luck to my lovely supportive diet buddies – Jane, Alison, Cheryl and Sarah.


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