Sunday Weigh in: Week 6

OK, so there’s every possibility I’m a binge eater. This week’s excuse: our 10 year wedding anniversary. The result: four days of going out with friends, out alone, eating dinner, going camping and eating out and drinking quite a lot. In my defence I weighed myself in the morning last Sunday and evening tonight.

Rubbish excuse. I earned this weight. Cycling, kettle bell and dance classes next week. I can’t think (at the moment) of anything fun I have to do until Christmas – and a good job too. I should probably knuckle down if I actually want to achieve anything.

Start weight: 9st 2lbs
Target weight: 8st 8lbs
This week: 3lb gain
Total loss: -2lb
Current weight: 9st 4lb
BMI: 23.98 (target 22)

Wishing better weeks to my Diet Buddies: Sarah, Cheryl, Jane and newcomer (welcome, ignore everything I do!) Alison!


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