Sunday Weigh In: Week 5

Morning all. What with being away at weddings and being on holiday I’ve had a month off from all this palava. But now I’m back on the band wagon. 

That is a large burger

I have been to America. I have eaten great food, I have eaten massive food. We bought Twinkies – the Devil’s own snack cake – just to see what they were like. Perhaps more significantly, we stayed with a family who make great home brew, run a pub called 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall (guess what they serve) and went to a couple of wine tastings. Therefore, I have not been holding out great hope for any sort of weight loss today, but have been rather dreading seeing the wages of my sin.

Weirdly, it’s turned out not all bad – one of the unpredicted benefits of jetlag over the last two days has been the fact that we’ve been too tired to shop for groceries or cook, so we’ve had one potluck freezer paella and that’s all we’ve eaten since breakfast on the plane (a croissant) on the way into Heathrow at about 11am on Friday. And I certainly haven’t been bothered to drink any booze so that’s more than 48 hours respite I’ve given my liver already.

Let us move swiftly on to the scores on the doors then….

Start weight: 9st 2lbs
Target weight: 8st 8lbs
This week: 2lb gain
Total loss: 1lb
Current weight: 9st 1lb
BMI: 23.37 (target 22)

On the plus side, it’s only a 2lb gain. On the negative side, that’s pretty much enough to put me back where I started. Onwards and upwards though. The jetlag has given me a really easy introduction to intermittent fasting, something I’ve been interested in having a look at for a while. I’m back home and therefore back on my bike a couple of times a day and I’ve also booked myself a voucher for 10 dance classes, so all this should help me get back where I was in no time. Plus the garden has swelled in our absence, so I can live off marrow soup if it all goes tits up.

Good luck to my bloggy diet buddies – Cheryl, who has been an absolute inspiration at getting back on track after holiday this week. Good luck also to Jane and Sarah.


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  • Did you like the twinkies? I've never had them before and to me they sound so magical!


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