REVIEW: Tesco Bakery Cookies

As part of a BzzAgent campaign, I was sent a voucher to try a free pack of new Tesco Bakery Cookies, which are baked in store. We quite like what our local Tesco Extra has done with the bakery so far. The speciality breads are pretty nice, especially the walnut bread which was particularly good toasted and spread with duck terrine. So we were pretty happy to try something else in the Your Bakery range and see how it went down!

We got the triple chocolate cookies – dark chocolate cookie, with Belgian dark, white and milk chocolate chunks on the top. BzzAgent tells me that:

“As part of the revamp of their Bakery, 
Tesco have improved and relauched their cookies.

Crispy on the outside, with a soft, chewy middle, 
each cookie is made with 100% butter giving them a delicious smell 
and an incredibly more-ish taste.”

Taking one of the four cookies out of the bag, I noticed the tempting smell, so I can agree with them there. It really smelt of rich, dark chocolate. So far, so good. Unfortunately, I have to say after this point, the cookies did not live up entirely to my high expectations. They were not at all crispy on the outside, but rather soft all the way through, meaning that they bent and snapped in my hand as I tried to eat it. I ended up with loads on the sofa by the time I had finished!! The texture was almost like a flat brownie rather than a cookie it was so prone to falling apart under its own diameter.

I thought the cookie itself tasted quite nice, but remarked to The Boy that I couldn’t really taste the individual chocolate flavours of the pieces in the topping. He said he was finding the whole thing too sweet, which was probably why we couldn’t taste the individual chocolate flavours. I’m inclined to agree, although I did feel there was a background dark chocolate taste.

The Boy also complained that they were too greasy – a sign of the 100% butter I guess, but he thought they should use less butter so that you don’t end up with grease marks on your fingers when you’ve finished eating them. It makes me wonder if our particular batch had too much butter in them – hence the edges not setting crispy.

The Boy offered up a begrudging 6 out of 10 Hippy Points and I am inclined to agree with a first offer of 6 Extreme Points for these cookies. Perhaps we should use a couple of our 50p off vouchers to check whether we got a bad batch?? They are currently retailing for £1.50 for 4 cookies, do you think this is worth the money?


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  • I cant eat the triple chocolate no matter were it comes from its too sweet I prefer a normal cookie with chocolate chunks or an oat cookie I can recommend them but I dont know if Tesco do them 🙂


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