REVIEW: Lambrini Cider

As part of the latest BzzAgent campaign, I was sent a voucher to try a bottle of the new Lambrini Cider for free! I was hoping to host a taste test party for my friends but unfortunately, my mammoth three week working week put paid to that!

I took my voucher along to Tesco and was a little disappointed that they did not stock the full range. I was keen to try the 4 pack of smaller bottles, so that I could drink one in a night and the drink wouldn’t be flat the next time I wanted it, but my local Tesco Extra only stocked the larger 750ml bottles in Forest Fruits and Summer Fruits flavour.

I went for the Forest Fruits flavour. At £3.09 per 750ml bottle at the time of writing, it’s extremely well priced – as you would perhaps expect from the Lambrini brand.

At 263 calories for a 330ml bottle, this is a relatively high calorie option – over 100 calories more than an equivalent sized bottle of lager. bearing this in mind I tried a small glass (and The Boy was happy to finish off the rest, so that solved the problem of the rest going flat!) I enjoyed the taste in that the blackberry flavour was clear. It was very sweet and fizzy though, tasting more like pop than an alcoholic drink. I’m not a fan of ciders, except for perry, normally so I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy this so I was suprprised it went down so easily, but it also seemed strange that there was no taste of alcohol at all. This is about the equivalent strength of a normal Continental lager, so it would be good to be reminded that three or four glasses of this is probably too much!!

I think the bottle design is nice, the shape has a good modern feel to it and it seems possible slightly more expensive in feel that it is in reality. Perhaps one for younger women on a DVD night, not something I would envisage people drinking out and about. A relatively lowly 4 out of 10 Extreme Points from me, just because I am generally unenthused by the product, but perhaps it is not aimed at my demographic.


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