Majorca: A Dream Day

I sure love eating!

The thing that I love most about the Spanish Mainland and, by extension, the Spanish Islands is the diversity. There truly is something for everyone – from clubbing to crabbing. That is why if I imagined how I would spend my dream 24 hours on a Spanish Island I would simply imagine a packed schedule with all of my favourite things to do! 

All photos are artist’s impressions from other trips as I have never been to Majorca! 

My day would go a little something like this:

7.00am – I adore breakfast, it is my favourite meal of the day. However, the Spanish are not so enamoured – tending to eat small at the beginning of the day so as to leave room for a larger lunch. With this in mind, I would pick a restaurant for breakfast that had the best view I could find. Probably somewhere like the Panorama Playa in Calvia, which other guests praise for its beautiful sea views. 

8.00am – After breakfast, I would want to get out there and get active! I’ve always wanted to have a go on a segway, so I would go on a tour. A really fun activity and also a great way to explore the environs. I would take the Palma tour so that I could explore the area around the cathedral as well as getting to know more of what being in Palma is like for the locals.

My last horsey adventure in Peru

9.00am – Breakfast digested and relaxing segway ride in the bag, now it’s time to really get going! I love exploring the natural environment of any place I visit. Horse riding is a great, fun way to do this. I used to have a phobia of horses, until in 2009 I was forced to ride a horse on a trek, where the difficulty was too high for me to continue on foot. I had to bite the bullet and face my fears and in the end (after much crying and consternation) it was an absolutely fabulous experience. I would love to have another go at horse riding and ensure that I still have my fears in check. Therefore I’d spend the rest of the morning renting a horse and exploring the beauty of natural Majorca on horseback.

1.00pm – After all of that exploring, I reckon I’d have a pretty voracious appetite. Time to kick back and see what traditional Balearic cuisine has to offer! I absolutely love cold meats, so trying the traditional Majorcan Sobrassada would be a must for me. The Village Cafe is an example of a restaurant with a fearsome reputation for great Spanish cuisine, so I think hanging out there would be good for me. I’d have the antipasto platter with local olives and the wild mushroom ravioli followed by the Copa Almendra. Delicious!

2.30pm – Since visiting Bordeaux and California, I have discovered a love of wine tasting. I would love to visit one of the 16 wineries in the DO Binissalem to see what great Majorcan wines have to offer. I am particularly interested in this region as they are noted for their Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah plantings, which are some of my favourite varietals.

Love wine tasting

5.00pm – It’s been a packed day and that wine has gone to my head a little bit, so time for a nap. How about chilling out in the Cos Concos garden hammock until it’s time to get dressed for dinner?

Dressed for dinner!

6.00pm – Off to the capital, Palma, for the evening’s entertainment. First, some pre-dinner drinks and some appetisers at Aquiara. Time to try the Majorcan aperitif, Palo!

7.00pm – On to some real high quality dining next. I love the more traditional Spanish bodegas, so the rustic vibes of Bodega Bellver in Palma would be perfect for me. A romantic meal with my husband would be a great way to wind down after an awesome day, but those 24 hours aren’t up yet…

10.00pm – Time to get our groove on with some Latino vibes at L’Havanna – some great live music that is popular with the locals and gives everyone the opportunity to shake their money maker!

1.00am – I’m not the party animal I once was, so there is no better way to finish my ideal 24 hours than sinking in to a comfortable bed. I’d chose the Can Cera hotel because it is a beautiful, traditional courtyard building. Simply idyllic.

This is my version of a perfect 24 hours on a Spanish Island. This post was written as an entry for 24 hours on The Balearics contest sponsored by The prize is £500 in Amazon Vouchers and the contest runs until August 31, 2012. Please visit to learn more about the contest and how you can also enter.


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