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I have been invited to enter the Travelsupermarket.com ‘Capture the Colour’ blogger competition. The idea is to have a rummage through old holiday snaps and find some pictures that represent different colours. I’ve enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane and finding some colourful pics!


This image was taken in one of the amazing wine cellars at the Chateau Smith Haute Lafitte which we visited in March 2011. I think that the clean walls, with their simple column and uplit decoration, next to the pale oak of the rows of barrels gently ageing, really gives a good feel of white – especially set off against the red of the floor. I remember the peaceful, cool feel of the cellar and the echoes of our footsteps as we were toured around the Chateau. You can see my guide to travelling on a budget in Bordeaux by clicking here.


Here I am, chilling out at the Hop Farm Festival in 2009. It was a beautiful weekend and I got to enjoy loads of bands from my teenage years, like Ash and Super Furry Animals. This beautiful blue sky with the blue tents in the background really feels like summer to me. Nothing beats camping!


I couldn’t choose anything except the Amazon Rainforest for green. This is my absolute top spot on earth, I have such treasured memories of our 5 days in the jungle, canoeing down the Amazon, camping out in primary rainforest, fishing for piranha and trekking in the most amazing environment in the world. This is a picture of our cabin at the Cuyabeno Reserve jungle lodge. All those different shades of green together just creates the most beautiful scene.


I’d totally forgotten about this photo! It was taken in a Sports Bar in Bangalore, India in 2009. This crazy lit up bar was totally unique, as was the free basketball practice hoop activity in the garden! There aren’t many accessible bars in Bangalore, except for along MG Road pretty much. The local beer is Kingfisher, which you can also get over here in the UK but it’s not as nice in export! I think you can’t really get a much more yellow picture than this. Love the action of The Boy dancing as well!


A great one to finish. This is the Boy trying on a Saxon helmet in the West Stow from 2006. I don’t know why the picture came off so red, just the reflection from the display on the walls I guess. This was a really fun day, hanging around the reconstructed Anglo-Saxon village!

I nominate my 5 blogger friends at Making it Up, Brink of Bedlam,  7Hippopotamus, Mummy of 3 Diaries and Boo, Roo and Tigger Too to give this challenge a go for themselves!


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