Sunday Weigh in: Week 3

I’m pleased to report that (somehow) I’ve had another reasonably successful week! Another half a pound off is not much,  but it’s a step in the right direction. Next week is the first of this summer’s weddings, and one of the main dress based tummy challenges for me this year so I will probably weigh in on Friday since I’ll be wearing my supposed-body con dress on the Saturday!

Start weight: 9st 2lbs
Target weight: 8st 8lbs
This week: 0.5lb loss
Total loss: 4lbs
Current weight: 8st 13lb
BMI: 23.04 (target 22)

I’m not sure that I’m going to hit my 8st 8lb target weight by the time we go to California on the 13th August, but will definitely be a lot closer, which I am very pleased about. I’m hoping perhaps if I try really hard by then I will have lost another 2 or 3 lbs, so up to about half a stone overall, which seems a reasonable and health rate of loss.

This week has been another decent one for exercise, with slightly more cycling than last week, an hour at Bootcamp and also a visit to the local gym and a swim that we got on a Groupon voucher. I can’t really imagine what my weight would be like if I didn’t exercise regularly any more. I certainly have lost and maintained a healthier weight since I started to regularly work out and, for example, this week I shudder to think how many calories I consumed at my Olympic Opening Party Party, what with the crisps and sweets, beers and the odd glass of wine thrown in for good measure! I was quite virtuous yesterday though – we did a lot of cycling and when having a pub lunch I very nearly chose the fatty, meaty options with chips but in the end went for the vegetable burrito with rice, salad and guacamole, so considerably better for me but still hugely enjoyable and filling.

And speaking of food, I’ve been at work all morning and on walking tours at that, so time for me to peer in the cupboards and see what I can rustle up for lunch!

I think my fellow diet buddies, Jane and Cheryl are away on holiday this week, so I hope they’re having a lovely time and not sweating the food stuff! Drop over to their blogs to catch up with their progress so far!


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