Sunday Weigh In: Week 1

I joined in with some fellow bloggers last week who are acting as diet buddies for each other. It’s nice to have some support out there and to know that I am (even if just nominally) answerable to other people for getting myself back into shape for all the lovely weddings I have to go to this autumn.

Start weight: 9st 2lbs
Target weight: 8st 8lbs
This week: 3lb loss
Total loss: 3lb
Current weight: 9st 0lb
BMI: 23.21 (target 22)

Get in!

It’s been a good start for me this week. The Boy has been cooking lots of lovely vegetable meals and making salads. I have had some treats – wine, beers, even some crisps, but I have also been getting out there and doing a good bit of cycling. I’ve had a couple of work buffet meals at various events, but didn’t go mad, and I have been using my new Easy Tone Stepper when not out walking, or on the bike or doing the Bootcamp class. I even had a cheeseburger and fries from a little independent shop on Friday, but I think I was quite good because I didn’t drink the can of pop that came with it and gave it to the Boy instead. Every little helps! 

I think it’s really been a benefit to me to record everything on MyFitnessPal app, because it helps me to make better choices, whether I really do want a snack, or another glass of wine, when I know exactly how much I’ve already had that day. It’s also a good motivator to do some exercise to keep the figures for that day a bit more balanced out.

So, I’ve had a great week and I’m glad to report that so has CherylP59 – congratulations! Let’s hope Hippopotamus7 has an equally good week. Go Diet Buddies!!


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