Great Garden Moments

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while now will know that our Great Garden Moment of 2011 was getting our raised beds organised, after much effort on my behalf and that of The Boy. 


We awaited this year’s Spring with rising excitement, looking forward to the bumper harvests that our much increased growing space would produce. However, it has been a bit of a washout. Constant rain has seen an explosion in the slug and snail population which has destroyed wave after wave of seedlings and provided me with great disappointment. My gardening goal for this year was to grow an aubergine. Just one. But I couldn’t because three waves of seedlings have been eaten.


However, the occasional sunshine, perpetual rain and perseverance have led me to have a Great Garden Moment of 2012! I am pleased to announce that softly, softly I have caught the monkey. 

The fruit bushes on the right are heaving with berries, lapping up the great rainfall. My new fruit bushes in the left hand border are becoming nicely established and are likely to crop next year. I have a perpetual bloom of roses which are well trailed along the fence. The rosemary is now so big it may well require its own postcode soon. I have given away kale to three people now, because we have so much! The spinach, baby cabbages and garlic are all growing well and the leeks and onions (bottom left) are finally establishing themselves.

And, my absolute Great Gardening Moment? My courgette plants are finally about to burst into bloom. I feel blessed that although the spring and early summer of 2012 has been so damp that I have not yet sat out in my garden as much as I would like, what little time I have spent out there is now proving so productive. I love my little patch of urban green.

This blog post is my entry into the Great Garden Moments Competition – so fingers crossed! Maybe when the sun does finally come to stay I’ll be sitting out in my garden in considerable more comfort and style than at present.


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  • so i have decided that gardening is great for my entire well-being. I learn how to grow my own food and relieve daily stress at the same time, what more do you need.


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