Creating labels for your pages in Blogger: A step by step guide

On a recent blog post, a lovely visitor asked me how I had achieved my blog layout.

“How did you get the other pages to show all posts under a certain label?
 I’d love to do that with mine but can’t figure it out!”

The coveted layout

Well, I confess at first I couldn’t remember how I had done it! I remember googling round for ages to try and figure out how this layout could be achieved in Blogger, but after scooting round in the design section it has all come back to me. I’ve decided that for Jaye‘s benefit and hopefully to help someone else as well I would write a clear, easy to follow guide to add this layout to your own blog.

Step One
Go into your Blogger settings, where you check on your Stats etc. and click on the Pages option in the left hand menu.

Decide what labels you want at the top of your page – they need to be one word so you can easily put a seach link in for them.

Step Two

To add the Pages, use the ‘New Page’ option and select ‘Web Address: Send Readers to another web address’.

Put your desired label in the ‘Page Title’ box and then add the web address for searching your blog for that tag. In this case the formula is ‘http://BLOGNAME.blogspot.com/search/label/CHOSENWORD‘.

Step Three
Once you have added as many labels as you want and made sure you have selected the option to show the labels as ‘top tabs’, you need to check that your search is picking up the right posts.

To do this, you need to make sure that your corresponding label is flagged up as a tag on the relevant post. For example, for my recent Great Garden Moments post, I wanted the post to be picked up by people who clicked the ‘Gardening’ label at the top of my blog. Therefore, I had to make sure that ‘gardening’ was one of my tags for that post, as per this picture:


* Use the Pages option to choose your labels.
* Set the Pages up as a search link for your blog.
* Make sure the relevant blog posts have that search term in the tags.

Does that make sense? I hope that is a useful explanation!


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