REVIEW: Zaggora Viva Hotpants: The Results and The Winners

I’ve had my Zaggora Viva HotPants in Green for about a month now. I must confess to have been absolutely rubbish at sticking to the rules of the two week challenge, but I think that’s probably because I’ve already done a two week challenge for original HotPants and for Zaggora Flares, so the whole challenge thing has lost its sparkle for me somewhat! However I have been wearing them at different times, in different places and doing different activities, so I can give you a good review of the product nonetheless!

Zaggora Viva HotPants make use of a Celu-Lite technology fabric lining to utilise body heat in increasing energy expenditure. Ultimately, this means that you burn additional calories than you would when doing any activity without HotPants. The more you do, the more you burn. I’ve been using Zaggora products for nearly a year now and I can certainly attest that they increase your body heat and you can really achieve some great toning results.


* The new, thinner fabric of the Viva HotPants is a great improvement on the old design. It gives you greater flexibility of movement and is easier to get on and off. It also makes the Viva Hotpants feel ever so slightly less ‘wetsuity’!
* The new colourways are also an improvement on the black, much more cheerful for sportswear, but the hideous yellow lining remains! Never mind that, another pro is that only you see the lining. I do quite like the contrast seams in bright colours though, so all in all, designwise I am very happy with Viva HotPants!
* They do work. I have experienced good toning effects with Viva HotPants, although not particularly inch loss. I think this is because I have mainly used them when cycling and my thighs are not really flabby any more – it’s just pure cycling muscle!! So that’s not going to get any smaller and I don’t really want it to, because those muscles are what get me up hills! However, still on the positive side…
* They leave your skin feeling really soft. It’s a weird side effect of your legs getting all sweaty I think, but they definitely have a groovy exfoliating like effect on me!!


* My cyclist thighs, as mentioned above, seem to be not the only thing that has increased in size. According to the Zaggora sizing guide, the small Viva HotPant should fit a UK 6-8, which should be fine for me. As the month has gone by while I have been wearing the HotPants I have noticed a definite improvement in the ease in getting them on, compared to when I first tried them. However, they are still extremely tight around the knee, to the point where I get red marks on the back of my leg, just under the knee where they have been digging in. On this basis, my ideal would be to have HotPants that have the cut of the original, coming to just above the knee, but the thinner, more colourful fabric of the new Viva HotPants. Do bear this in mind when selecting an appropriate size of Viva HotPants. I wouldn’t say I have fat knees, but what do I know?!

* The Viva HotPants don’t come up as high around the waist, so I don’t feel that this area has benefited as much as my legs in the toning stakes. Again, this is an area that the Original HotPants win out in.

So all in all, the new Viva HotPants do what it says on the tin, in a slightly more colourful and flexible way than either the original HotPants or Flares. For my tastes, I still prefer the cut of the original though, I just hope they get upgraded with the new thinner fabric soon. Have you tried any Zaggora products yet? How have they worked for you?

And finally, the winners of my competition to win one of three pairs of Viva HotPants have been drawn! Unfortunately, the first winner selected had an invalid entry, as they were not following my blog, so a new winner was selected. The three valid winners were then notified. One winner got back to me saying they hadn’t ever been on my blog and how did I get their email address, so I promptly drew another winner knowing full well that loads of you out there would be grateful to receive some free Viva HotPants!! And so we have three awesome winners –


Check your email account which you used to register with Rafflecopter as there will be a little message from me waiting. Make sure you get back to me in 48 hours though, as otherwise I’ll have to draw yet another winner and it’s getting tedious now!!


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