Queen’s Jubilee Pageant in Pictures

Here are a selection of the millions of photos of boats I took yesterday at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Pageant on the River Thames. We were on the Canal and River Trust‘s narrow boat, the Waterscape. It was a very great experience, despite being really quite wet, windy and miserable – spirits were high on the boats, there were thousands of onlookers waving flags lining the river along the entire route and I really enjoyed spending the day messing about on a boat. I think it’s pretty fair to assume that I’d like to have a go at a narrow boat holiday in the future. There seems to be a really nice sense of community. A great way to prepare for Leicester’s Riverside Festival next weekend!

The Waterscape with skipper, Del. Nice early start!

The narrowboats all going down in the lock together onto the Thames

There were many beautiful tall ships moored along the side of the river

A really, really big picture of the Queen and her family on the side of a buiding

The Boy drove the boat for a bit during the Pageant!

Some of the brave and be-costumed man powered boats, who rowed for HOURS!

Champers dahling

Tower Bridge was opened to let the Queen through
and then remained open during the Pageant.

This is us going past the Queen. She is the white blob under the gold canopy in the middle! She waved at us.

The narrowboats in the lock on their way home after a long day!


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