Herman the German Friendship Cake: The Bake Off

 My 10 days are up and my time with Herman the German Friendship Cake is drawing to a close. Both myself and The Boy have become quite close to him and enjoyed watching him grow and develop. But we cannot run from our destiny forever. Yesterday was the last time Herman needed feeding, and as he reached his most bloated proportion, I sectioned him up into four mini-Herman’s – three to give away to deserving friends to restart the cycle of life anew. Sunrise, sunset.

And so the time has come to make my remaining portion of bubbly goo into all that he can be. There are lots of lovely recipe ideas on the Herman website, but I decided to adapt the normal recipe slightly, according to what I had in the cupboard.

Lo-Lo’s Fruity Herman the German Recipe

200g mixed dried fruit
100g pitted sour cherries
Splash of Muscat or other dessert wine
100ml apple puree

1 portion of Herman
175g sugar
300g flour
pinch of salt
130 ml vegetable oil (I didn’t quite have enough so I added a bit of butter and milk)
2 eggs
Vanilla extract
2 tsp baking powder


Mix your dried fruit and cherries with a good splash of Muscat. 
Leave to macerate for a good hour or so.

Put your oven on to heat at 180’C. Put all the other ingredients, bar the apple puree into your bowl with Herman, and mix them all together (tricky recipe this one)

When everything is well mixed, add your dried fruit, cherry, Muscat mix, 
then lightly fold in the apple puree to get a marbled effect.
Pour into a greased tin. I decided to make my Herman into a giant cupcake, 
because that is a pretty decent size! He’s quite a big cake and does rise.
Bake until cooked. Do the trick with the skewer – poke a skewer in the middle 
and when it comes out clean, your Herman-cake is cooked. Mine took about 1 hour 15 minutes. 
Keep an eye on it, I had to turn mine regularly because my fan oven browns things much quicker in the back right corner. I took the smaller cake out of the oven a bit later than I should have as well, so that has a very crispy crust!


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0 thoughts on “Herman the German Friendship Cake: The Bake Off

  • I am so happy I have seen this tonight, I wanted to do something special for my half-German mother-in-law at Christmas and this is a lovely idea, thank you x

  • Yes, definitely – these are basically sour dough starters – you could make a savoury starter and keep it to rise all your bread for the rest of your life!

  • I made 2 of these earlier on in the year one with lots of fruit and one with crunchie and chocolate drops needless to say the chocolate version went fastest hehe. I am wondering if you could use the herman mix to make bread ??

  • I used to love a German Coffee shop that used to be in Liverpool's Albert Dock many years ago, their pastries were fab!


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