Cartoon Family Portrait

After a long break, I have finally finished my cartoon family portrait. I started it last September, with the intention that I would complete it within the month, but unfortunately, projects such as making mosaics out of 55000 coffee beans and 9963 cupcakes and the other everyday stuff like that has gotten in the way.

I got back on to the painting in early June and it has only thankfully taken me two sessions to complete. It is painted in acrylic, poster paint and matt emulsion and finished off with permanent black marker. Because I am not talented in this way, I used some online software to mangify me and The Boy and used some tutorials for making the Furry Babies into their fun cartoony selves. You can find more information in my first post.

I think I am going to hang it in our hallway which we have recently repainted, next to my Sylvia Plath poster. I think they will make a good pairing. While I’ve been writing this I’ve just realised that I’ve missed outlining my piercings on the final version, so I will have to go back and sort that now!

What do you reckon? Are mangaesque family portraits the way forward? Or should I stick to curating?


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