REVIEW: My Old China Vintage tea sets!

One of my old colleagues stopped by today. She is still doing some freelance work for us and we were going out to do an object handling session with a group of old Gujerati ladies. It was a very pleasant afternoon. And to top it off, she presented me with a most unexpected birthday gift. Now this is a woman of taste and style. She goes to vintage fairs, she wears awesome ‘homage to the 50s’ outfits without looking over the top. I bet she knows about contemporary art as well. You know the sort of person. So you know whatever she’s got me for my birthday, it’s bound to be supercool as well as awesomecore. And it is.

It is my very own personal, vintage, one of a kind, unique, custom tea set! It’s an absolute crying shame that I am still on the Live Below the Line challenge until tomorrow, because otherwise right now I would be baking a bloomin’ awesome cake to enjoy with a delicate cup of tea in this set of total amazeness! However, I am not allowed cake until tomorrow, so I am satisfying myself with sitting and admiring my pretty new crockery.

The set consists of a customised, matching set of cake plate, tea cup and saucer, with a mismatched but also highly vintage cake fork and teaspoon. I particularly like that the spoon is a Tenerife souvenir. I have never been to Tenerife, but I remember it being mentioned on Corrie once and so I have taken great delight in following The Boy around the house this evening talking loudly about Tener-iffee. They are top notch quality, no chips or crazing at all that I have seen and I think the star design is absolutely adorable.

It came ever so sweetly wrapped, in an understated but strong plain box with ‘My Old China’ stickers and some nice pink tissue to keep everything safe and well in transit.

This delightful set, so the card in the box tells me, is from the quite probably lovely folk at My Old China, a Nottingham based company. Always happy to do my bit for a local-ish business that trades on fun and dreams and unicorns, here’s what they are about.

Vintage china, tea-sets, cake stands, cutlery and linens, 
to hire or buy for your wedding or special occasion.
Contact us for our hire rates or a bespoke quote for all your tea party needs. 
Available throughout the East Midlands area.

You can’t say fairer than that. I am chuffin’ chuffed with my tea set, so why not treat a Vintage loving loved one to a special set on their next birthday? I think I will be seriously considering paying them a visit myself for gift shopping in the future. Lovely, lovely, lovely.


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