REVIEW: Monster KONG Kickeroo and Catnip Spray

Mystery Box!

The folks at Monster Pet Supplies sent a box through to my house today. It contained a mission, addressed to my cats. Yes, once again, my cats are taking over the blog.

Morrighan, Gipsy-Moo and Maneki Neko were challenged (should they wish to accept it) to test two products from the Monster shop and give their honest opinions. Well, they’ve had a day of playing and frolicking, sniffing and kicking and now they’ve asked me to share their thoughts with you.


Well, Maneki Neko reports that he couldn’t have been happier. As soon as I unveiled the cheery green box with its cutesy Monster stickers on the side, he was in, trying to snuffle the box out of my hands so he could play with it. What he was smelling was the premium North American catnip of the brand new KONG Tiger Kickeroo! None of us have been able to figure out why it is significant that the catnip is North America, but it is repeatedly emphasised on the packaging, so we thought we’d perpetuate the myth. 

As soon as the lid was off the box, Maneki pulled everything out, grabbed the Kickeroo and ran away, so I had to put everything back and hold him off so we could stage this film as if he was just getting into the box for the first time…

The Kickeroo is a plush little stuffed rectangle with an exceptionally soft tail. It is well made and Maneki hasn’t been able to pull any bits off it despite playing with it all day! Even the fluffy tail hasn’t shed any bits despite the rough and tumble. Maneki enjoyed grabbing the toy and kickerooing it with his hind legs. I think kickerooing may now be a verb in our house. As you may have noticed in the video, Morrighan wasn’t so sure about it initially. She doesn’t like to play with the kickeroo on her own like Maneki does, but thoroughly enjoys jumping at it if you wave it around for her. Gipsy-Moo was the least fussed on the Kickeroo. She gave it a bit of a sniff and decided she’d quite like to sit next to it rather than playing with it.
Don’t kick it! Sit next to it!

  • Maneki Neko gives the Kickeroo 10 out of 10 Furry Baby Points. He chuffin loves it.
  • Morrighan gives the Kickeroo 7 out of 10 Furry Baby Points. She likes it because it gives her an excuse to play with me, which she loves.
  • Gipsy gives the Kickeroo a sad 3 out of 10 Furry Baby Points, owing to mistaking it for a friend and then being slightly disappointed that it didn’t do anything except smell nice.
  • As an owner, I thought this was great value and excellent quality for the price. It costs the same as other cat toys which will only last two minutes and are nowhere near as nicely made. It’s just a shame that every cat doesn’t react the same way to catnip so Gipsy could enjoy it as much as Maneki!
We were also sent a bottle of KONG Catnip Spray to test out. This also contains North American Catnip oil for you to spray on  toys and scratching posts etc. It’s easy to use and a natural product so it is safe for your kitty. Disappointingly, ours weren’t fussed. We tried spraying it on their scratching post and their toys. They obviously could tell there was a different smell there as they each spent some time carefully sniffing the affected items, but they then all lost interest and wandered off! I’d suggest perhaps only buying this if you know your furry baby is a proper catnip nut!

Unfortunately that means we can only give the Catnip Spray a 2 out of 10 Furry Baby points. It just wasn’t the cats whiskers as far as Gipsy, Morrighan and Maneki were concerned. It seems a perfectly good quality product, they just weren’t into it!

The people at Monster have been so nice and friendly, I thought I’d tell you a little bit more about their website. They don’t just sell things for cats, they sell everything you could need for a whole range of pets large and small. They offer free delivery for orders over £59, but light orders only cost £1.99 delivery and heavy ones £4.99, so I think that’s pretty reasonable anyway. As well as toys and accessories, they also offer food and medication, so they’re a pretty much one top shop for your treasured animamamals. Looking at their cat food, for example, they have a very wide selection and their prices compare favourably with the supermarkets so that is very positive.


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