REVIEW: English Provender Co. Ploughman’s Plum Chutney

After a nice little chat on Twitter, the English Provender Co. very kindly sent me a jar of their Ploughman’s Plum Chutney to review. Now, if you’ve been following my blog, you will know that food is very central in my life so getting sent food to try is like a dream come true for me. Usually. Unfortunately, I do not like chutneys! Or pretty much anything that has been pickled, preserved or otherwise vinegared. Now how’s that for opening an honest review?

But never fear! All is not lost! I have the Faithful Boy on hand to give me his unreserved and full, unbiased opinion of said product for the lovely English Provender Co. And yea! The Boy hath spoken…

“The chutney comes in a nice posh looking jar, and the colour looks quite appetising. 
When I opened the lid, there was a nice tangy and (thankfully) plummy smell. 
It tastes really nice, sweet and sour but with a good balance. 

It’s the sort of thing I would use in place of Branston Pickle, 
but it’s a lot nicer than normal pickle because it is not as vinegary and tart. 
It’s a good salady type thing, I had some with cheese today and that tasted really good. 
As you would think, it would be very nice with a Ploughman’s. 
Hence the name probably. 

Cold meats, cheeses, salads, all that sort of thing would be good with it. 
But I’m quite happy to eat it straight from the jar, which you’d never do with regular pickle. Because that would be gross. But this isn’t, it’s nice.”

Genuinely ate it straight from the jar..

So there you have it. A very positive review from The Boy. But don’t let him round your house if you have some English Provender Co. products in the cupboard, because he may well simply hoover them all up.

Gipsy liked the look of it!

If you haven’t come across the English Provender Co. before, they are a nice company who make all kinds of sauces and condiments. Stuff that goes with other stuff, rather than being an ingredient. They use high quality ingredients to make their products and appear to have a friendly little team. They have some nice recipe ideas on their website, as well as suggestions submitted by their fans. Looking around the website it seems that many of their products are vegetarian, vegan and coeliac friendly as well which is good – there’s certainly no compromise on flavour or quality because of this and the website is very clear in giving this information.

They claim to have something to suit every taste and I think they’re right! They have an organic range (I wonder how long it will  be until all of their products are organic?) In particular, the Organic Spicy Onion Chutney catches my eye in that range.  I know, this is despite my disclaimer about not liking pickly stuff at the beginning of this review. But I’ve just been having a browse of the website to see what else I can tell you about and this sounds nice! The Boy has got his eye on the Hot Chilli Relish and I reckon my favourite thing in their range would probably be the Indulgent Balsamic Dressing. It’s only fair as well for me to give a nod to their Orange Flower Water. It has been a staple in my cupboard, mainly for baking tasks, for quite some time now – I think probably about 2 years. So proof indeed of the quality of this brand that I have kept coming back.


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