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I nipped out to Tesco just, to finally buy up my shopping for Live Below the Line week which starts on Monday. Foolishly, I forgot to buy my value battered fish, my main ‘treat’ item for the week, but no matter, I shall return.

If you haven’t already sponsored me, why not nip across and do it now? You can donate via Paypal and every little helps. Even if you can only afford 12p, remember that in Tesco at the moment that could buy a hungry person two tins of mushy peas.

I was very pleased to see a few items had dropped by 1 or 2 pence since I made my list, hopefully when I add it all up properly here I’ll see I’ve enough for perhaps some extra items to pep up my meals next week! It was very annoying that Tesco were out of stock of their value 40p rice. This is so much below the prices of the other rice available that I was unable to buy a substitute, so I will certainly have to go back for this – rice is very much my staple across the week.

Mushy peas were down from 8p to 6p, so I made a last minute decision to buy two tins of them for 12p, instead of a tin of mushy and a tin of marrowfat at the expected cost of 23p… I’m hoping I’ll live to thank myself for saving that extra 11p. I reckon it’ll come in handy somewhere along the line!

As most of the food is tinned, preserving it isn’t a problem, however, I’m putting half the pitta breads away in the freezer, to avoid any nasty surprises later in the week…

So, what did I get? Well, when you lay it all out in a pile, not a lot! It doesn’t look like a lot of food for a week whereas on the list it seemed OK. So that is quite daunting for a start. 

The List so far…

Milk, sugar and veg plants were for The Boy! Ignore!

Tinned potatoes – 23p
Kidney beans – 18p
Vegetable soup – 24p
Mushy peas x 2 – 2 x 6p
Passata – 29p
Tin of tuna – 49p (luxury item)
Sweetcorn – 35p
Beans and sausages – 34p
Teabags – 27p
Pasta – 30p (annoying because this was down to about 17p a few weeks ago, the price keeps jumping around)
Soft cheese – 50p (luxury item but flexible!)
6 x pitta breads – 20p

Current total = £3.50

That leaves me with a princely sum of £1.50 to get rice (40p), battered fish (69p) and whatever else I fancy with the remaining 41p. Tune in on Monday to see how day one gets on. Considering what a small amount of food this is, I’m quite inclined to be quite anal about recording my calorie intake, I think it will be interesting to see what I get each day….


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