Summer’s on the way

On my holidays last week!

I sowed the seeds of what will hopefully be this year’s bumper courgette harvest today. It’s such a satisfying feeling to get those seeds in. I have already started off some of my early veg, but putting the courgettes in smacks of hope that Spring is well under way and Summer is not far off.

I think I feel even more positive and hopeful this year having just spent a week in Spain. At around 22’C, the weather wasn’t blistering, but it was certainly very reminiscient of a classic British summer’s day. Sitting outside, sipping on a cool drink by the sea, winter felt a very long way away. It was great to get the chance to start airing my pretty dresses as well. According to Next, it seems that I’m well on my way to getting the summer trends right already. Which is very unlikely, I normally don’t spot a trend until it makes its way into the charity shops.

I like the idea of big floral prints though, and vintage feel cuts and fabrics give quite a classic ambience to the SS12 styles that seem to be making their way on to the high street this year. As I think I’ve pointed out in some of my previous nail art posts, I do like colour blocking trends as well, mainly because I think that there’s nothing more satisfying than wearing big, bright, bold colours! Plus, once you wear big statement colours in your dress, then there’s no reason not to team them up with great accessories like these bangles, pictured right, currently £14 from Next for the whole pack. I love the geometric feel of the designs and the splash of bright lime that lifts the whole set.

I’m also really glad the maxi has stayed in style. I could live in maxi dresses – such is the variety of shapes and styles they offer. What about you, can you smell Summer on the air? Is there an old favourite you’ll be dusting down from your existing wardrobe to celebrate the clocks going forward and the temperature increasing or will you be celebrating the turn of the seasons by buying something new?


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