Goodnight Chakra

My mother in law has just rang to let us know that our dog, Chakra has just been put to sleep. She was coming up to 12 years old, so she had had a fair run. She was the first dog that I ever had, and it was a privilege to live in their housse when my mother-in-law brought little baby Chakra home for The Boy’s little sister. 

Chakra was a big softie and very affectionate. She gave massive cuddles when she came and sat on you on the sofa! I loved walking her and seeing her swim in the river. I’ll miss her a lot and I’m devastated that we’ve not seen her in so long, but that’s life I guess. I have my own furry babies now, but that doesn’t make me feel less sad about Chakra.

 I just wanted to mark Chakra’s passing and let the world know I love her, even if she did look a bit like Splinter off the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


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