The Crumblin’ Cookie Coffee Bean Mosaic

”mosaic”3 months.
150 hours.
55000 coffee beans.
Here is my latest ‘artistic’ endeavour – the Crumblin’ Cookie, Leicester coffee bean mosaic! This is the project I’ve been hinting at that has kept me from blogging, cooking, crocheting and basically anything spare time related since last October! 
I designed the mosaic to try and summarize what I think about the Crumblin’ Cookie as a venue – it really is a great place to hang out, to meet friends, to feel part of a community. I hope that the design gives that sense of fun. I also love that they are so supportive of local talent, upcoming artists and performers and local producers. I hope that in some small way this will bring more attention to the Crumblin’ Cookie. 

It is made using three types of coffee beans – green, medium roast and dark roast. The mosaic in its entirety measures nearly 5 metres by about 60cm. It is all stuck down with exterior purpose glue and then varnished with yacht varnish, so hopefully it will be resistant to the elements!
Today I went down to finish off the mosaic. As it had been made in two parts, the central seam and the screw holes needed covering. It was a cold and terrifying job. I hope I don’t have to go that high up on a ladder again for a while! Sending out a press release in advance worked out well – East Midlands Today came down and filmed a segment first thing and then later a photographer from the Leicester Mercury came to cover the story. It was lovely to hear such nice reactions from passers by in the street as well, a couple of people said it looks ‘beautiful’!

So another crazy artwork is done. And this one will hopefully be around for a while. What next?

Morrighan seemed to like sitting on my back throughout


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