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REVIEW: M&A Arts and Crafts, Wigston

I stumbled across a new local seller on Ebay last weekend, a local arts and crafts supplier. I was excited because they actually have a shop that I can visit too and their prices are really reasonable. I checked whether it would be OK to pop over and collect any Ebay wins and they said of course, so I bid on a few items.

My first win was a pad of two colour A4 paper – the most perfect paper for origami that I have ever had! This came to the princely sum of 1p! The second item I won was a wipe off fabric pen, for marking hems and such like. I am hoping to get back into sewing this year, now the Big Project is nearly over the sewing machine will still be coming out.This set me back by six of your English pence.
I hopped on a couple of buses and found my way to the shop really easily. The address is 47 Bell Street, Wigston – so it is on one of what I consider to be the two main shopping streets in the village. At the moment they are advertising a sale as they are about to close for refurbishment, but when I asked about this inside they said when this actually occurred would depend on what stock they shift. I hope they don’t refurbish to be honest, because I love my craft shops to be a bit of an Aladdin’s Cave for me to explore, and that’s exactly how this place is at the moment.

They cover all manner of hobbies and art supplies in the shop – pretty much anything you want will be there. Off the top of my head, I remember looking at knitting/crochet supplies, yarn, sewing materials, glass painting, watercolours and other paints, decoupage and papercraft, school supplies, craft kits like those foil scrapey things, fimo modelling clay, table easels, handmade paper and general pens/stationery etc. Plenty to keep you occupied! You’ll get a friendly welcome if you go to the shop and I recommend you keep an eye on their Ebay page to grab yourself a bargain. And in case you’re wondering, of course I succumbed and bought more than just my 7p wins!!

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