Goodbye 2011

Hello Blogosphere,
The Year of the New Baby
I have been most neglectful of you of late. This is due to a massive project that has sucked up all my spare time. Expect to see more in late January when I will tell you all about it, show you photos and possibly create a small animation to explain what I’ve been doing. In the meantime…
In 2011:
* We spent a long weekend in Bordeaux, at a villa with a helipad.
* We went to Italy and made a giant picture of Mona Lisa out of toast for Japanese TV.
* I made a 10 metre image of Sachan Tendulkar out of fabric.
* I went to the gym more than I ever have in my life. I’ve started to enjoy it.
* I didn’t stand up for things that would make me happy.
* We remade the garden and put in the gorgeous raised beds.
* I waved goodbye to old friends who passed too soon and colleagues who ‘retired’ too quickly.
In 2012:
* We will go to the USA for the first time. 
* I will attempt to take annual leave when it is convenient to me.
* I will grow my own squash.
* I will finish the aforementioned large project and get back to blogging.
* I may well get back into crochet and have a new stab at sewing.
And finally, last year I made an ‘Eleventh Heaven’ list of things I would like to win. Here’s how I got on:
1. Holiday – well, I got £500 holiday vouchers.
2. Laptop or netbook – nope, and unbelievably the laptop has made it through 2011.
3. Food hamper – not strictly speaking, but we have received free meals and numerous gift packs, from spices to sweets!
4. Kinect or PS Move – nope, keep hoping with that one…
5. EA Sports Active 2 – no indeed, but maybe I’ll just survey my way to some Amazon vouchers for that now the price has dropped!
6. A DVD of a film we want to watch! – yes!
7. Knitting/Craft/Crochet goodies – sadly no
8. New clothes – I won some lovely maxi dresses this year, most pleased.
9. Fancy shoes – most definitely, if anything, 2011 was the year of ‘win the shoes’
10. An ipod – right at the last minute this one sneaked in there, during the December advent competitions! It’s the same capacity as my old one, but the charger for my old one did break so the need became more urgent.
11. A haircut/makeover/spa thingy for pampering! – No, but I did manage to get some free KGB deal money which got me a free haircut, and that’s good enough for me!
And my list of goals?
* Go camping – nope
* Do more random acts of kindness – definitely
* Complete more crafty projects – certainly!
* Visit a random event, like a competitive eating competition or some such! – sadly no
* Decorate the hallway and maybe the bathroom – still no!
* Grow sweetcorn and other things!- absolutely.

Happy New Year!


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