This year The Boy has decided to grow a moustache for Movember. This is where selfless men all over the country grow some bushy facial caterpillars, in the name of charidee. And selfless wives and girlfriends put up with bristly kisses and lots of general face accoutrements stroking for 30 days.
Day 1
The aim of all this seemingly unecessary lip foliage is to raise money and awareness for men’s health issues, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers which affect men. They have to start the month clean shaven and then groom, trim and generally wax their way through the rest of the month as they develop a significant soup strainer and, hopefully develop a significant amount of support from friends and family.
The Boy has never had a face fungus of such a deliberate nature before. Normally he ends up quite spikey around the mouthal cavity, but that’s just because he forgets to shave. When we were in India a few years ago, this situation got out of hand, and he shaved the beard off just to see what he would look like with a moustachio. Needless to say, I laughed so much that it only survived for 5 minutes before it too went down the plug hole.
Day 8
But in the name of charity, he’s really sticking with this one. On about day 5 he realised that he was going to look a bit silly for the rest of the month and vowed that come the end of the month he would not leave the house, indeed, he wouldn’t even go in the garden to fetch the cats. So far, his socialising has been unaffected though, although this week may prove the test as we have various social occasions to look forward to. I will make The Boy’s full Movember picture collage at the end of the month.
Day 17
He’s joined the Planet Rock team on the Movember website and I must say I have enjoyed their ‘Great Mo’s in Rock’ feature as the month has gone on. Jimi Hendrix being my favourite so far. They have also been running charity auctions for digital radios signed by the likes of Joe Bonomassa and Joe Elliot. You can nip over and bid on one yourself if you’re quick.
I’m proud of him for doing something that makes him feel daft so he can raise money for an often ignored cause. If you are impressed by his Nose Neighbour, why not pop along to his MoBro page and stick a couple of quid into the pot. You can pay by PayPal or credit card and it takes a matter of seconds. Keep up the good work, my hairy brothers.


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