CreativePact 2: Early Stages

 I’ve made a start and I no longer have a blank piece of paper! Hooray! I’m not sure that these photos will be easily viewable though, since I’m only working with a faint pencil outline at the moment!

If you’re really desperate to have a look, I’d probably click on an image to see an enlarged version. The outline is all complete, me, The Boy and the three furry babies.

I’ve put the background in using tester pots of satin finish acrylic emulsion from Wilkinsons. I’ve had these pots for years – they go a long way when you’re not painting walls with them! In fact I’ve had it for so long I have no idea if Wilkos still even do tester pots. Has that gone out of fashion now? It’s a shame if it has, it’s a very cost effective way of getting some decent acrylic finishes.

That’s enough for today. Hopefully there will be time to do a smidge more painting tomorrow evening…

It already has a wet kitty footprint on it…


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