Creative Pact 3: Painting

I’m feeling really glad I posted all kinds of excuses on my initial Creative Pact entry. Turns out that I really have trouble finding time every day to work on any sort of creative project that doesn’t have a strict deadline! However, that’s all for the good – it makes me feel better about a. doing a painting in a month and b. actually getting to grips with the Big Blank Sheet of Paper, regardless of how sporadic the activity is.
Here is my progress so far. I am liking it. I think it’s going to come out well. I also discovered today that when I have an idea for a project, I should really check what materials I have before I start. This picture is now going to be made out of a combination of acrylics, satin gloss emulsion and poster paint, because I don’t have all the colours I want in emulsion. Ah well, I’m sure none of you will hold it against me.
Look out for the next exciting installment of “The same painting, but with a bit more coloured in” – coming your way soon.
Detail of Maneki Neko
Actual Maneki Neko


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