Creative Pact 1: Building an idea

Big Scary Blank Piece of Paper
 I’m gonna have a bash at Creative Pact this year. I’ve not done so well so far, due to being pretty busy with work and various bits and bobs over the last two days. The idea is to make something creative and record it every day in September.
The Frame
I think it’s probably more aimed at musicians but I’m not very good at all that programming or producing and whatnot, so instead I’ve decided that I’m going to take on The Big Scary Piece of Paper.
We’ve had this frame hanging around for a while. The print that’s in it is nice enough, but we haven’t got round to putting it up in the bedroom so I reckon we don’t like it that much. To this end I got some big paper to do an artwork to go in it, but haven’t got round to doing anything yet. So CreativePact seems like a good focus for my energy, regardless of whether I fit into their criteria exactly or not. It’s the same principle as NaNoWriMo for me really, try to find something you can be part of to help inspire you to action.

I was originally going to do a detailed biro drawing. I used to do loads of pictures in this style but I’m not sure I’m quite ready to take on something of this size in this media. So I’ll stick to paint, and have a go at something lighthearted. The perfect subject for me would be a self portrait of my family. I’ve been really inspired by some of the art work I’ve seen at the Orange Tree recently, especially the really bright cartoon-style paintings, so this is the way I’m going to go. Again, cartoons are new, so I’ve used faceyourmanga.com to create some mangaesque portraits of The Boy and me, I’m going to use these for inspiration and I am using the guidance that I found online here to start developing the cats… Wish me luck!


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