Zaggora HotPants – Week 1

I’ve not quite had my hotpants for a week yet, but I’ve been to the gym 4 times since Monday and now seems to be a good time to update on my progress. Obviously I won’t be including any measurements as that will give people who haven’t yet entered my competition an unfair advantage!

I have worn the hotpants for four sessions at the gym, each of about 45 minutes. Some days, when I’ve had to do other things and not been able to shower at the gym, I have carried on wearing them on the walk home and for a while afterwards – so some days I have worn them for up to about 4 hours, including the walk to and from the gym.

The first thing to note is how they feel. They are really comfy! They are made of a kind of wet suit feeling fabric, but are very soft and comfortable when they’re on. They are tight enough that you feel nicely supported, although I will be happier when my little tummy bulge at the top reduces a bit more! This support continues when you are exercising and although they do make your legs feel hot, as you would expect, it is not uncomfortable. In fact, it’s quite pleasant and really feels like your workout is having an impact. Some people have complained about the zip, but I haven’t found it the least bit intrusive as of yet. In fact I’m quite pleased it is there as it is proving I am getting results – the first time I put them on, I had to get my husband to zip them up and now, 4 sessions later, I can easily fasten them myself! They certainly haven’t stretched or anything either, the quality is excellent.

They really do make you sweat! This is not the least uncomfortable when you are wearing them. They pretty much hold it all in, unless you are doing crazy exertions. The only things to watch out for is if you need the loo or anything then you’ll notice you need to change your underwear! Mine has been soaked right through every time! You don’t even notice when your hotpants are on, but as soon as you take them off it’s unbearable! However, my legs dry off immediately and I’ve noticed the skin is left really soft! If you haven’t got the time to wash your hotpants between each use, make sure that you hang them up inside out to dry out properly!!! They really are that good at keeping the moisture in!

I have of course washed my hotpants as well. I just threw them in the washing machine with the normal load, and they were absolutely fine. Had to make sure I turned them inside out though, once the outside had dried!

So far, so good. I have lost a pound since Monday (and I only need to lose about 6lbs in total to be at my ideal, healthy weight). I have got used to the slightly crazy swishy noise that they make when you move around in them (usually by wearing a pair of joggers over the top of them) and all in all I am really pleased. I am looking forward to seeing what my final two week results will be!

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