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I was chatting to @GetHotPants on Twitter and guess what? They made me a HotPants Ambassador! I’m really excited about this, because not only do I get to try them out for myself, but there’s benefits for you too, dear reader! Carry on reading to find out why…!
HotPants are a revolutionary new type of shorts. They are ever so durable and sort of feel a bit like wetsuit fabric! Zaggora claim that these magical shorts will help you to lose 2 jean sizes in 2 weeks! Wowee! And how does it work? Well their website says:
“HOTPANTS™ contains Celu‐Lite™ technology which maximises 
the results of your workout by heating those areas covered by HOTPANTS™.

Celu‐Lite™ technology reflects back the heat naturally generated 

by the body to promote deeper warming of your tissue leading to 
higher levels of perspiration and therefore breaking down fat and toxins 
that contribute to the appearance of cellulite.”
This sounds potentially icky, but very promising! The bold claim is that wearing them will maximise your workout, or normal every day activities and help to reduce the appearance of cellulite. All of the Ambassadors have received their HotPants now and first impressions are good.
My HotPants could not have come at a better time. My old gym has closed down and with work being so busy I wasn’t getting chance to get down all that much any way towards the end. So the long and short of it is that I feel like a bit of a bloater at the moment. My new gym opens tomorrow, but I have plans this weekend which means I am unlikely to get down there until Sunday, or perhaps even Monday.
So, I will be starting my two week test run on Monday. And here’s where you guys come in. Zaggora have kindly sent me another pair of HotPants for you guys to win! They are a Large size, you can see what this equates to here by clicking on the size conversion chart. They are worth a stonking £44.99!

In order to win this lovely prize, all you need to do is guess how effective my HotPants and new gym regime will be! Follow my blog and leave a comment below with a method of contacting you (Twitter ID or email please) telling me what you think my waist measurement will be in inches at 9pm on Monday 25th July – when my two week trial period is up. The winner will be whoever guesses spot on the correct half inch. If more than one person guesses correctly, the winner will be selected at random from the correct entries. If no-one gets it spot on, the winner will be the closest guess. Good luck!
So, in order to help you guess, I have to publish my current bloater stats! Boo… I will update this page when I have been to the gym and measured myself. At the time of writing, my stats are waist measurement – 30″, hip measurement – 36″, upper thigh – 31″. I can still just about squeeze into my size 8 jeans, but it is getting uncomfortable. If I fit in them properly at the end of two weeks I’ll be really happy! HotPants really are getting rave reviews at the moment so I am hopeful!
And finally, if you just can’t wait to try HotPants for yourself, you can use my exclusive Ambassadors code to get 10% off in the Zaggora store! Just type in LAURAHAD at the checkout!
So there you go – good luck in the competition and wish me luck with getting my healthy lifestyle back on track. The competition closes at 9pm on Monday 25th July and my waist measurement will be as measured by me, no correspondence will be entered into on my judgement and measuring abilities! One entry per person please, UK only. Remember, if you’re not following this blog, you can’t win the prize!


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