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REVIEW: Berry Scrumptious

 I thought I’d write a little review for the lovely Berry Truffles I received from Berry Scrumptious – nom nom nom.

They didn’t send me Berry Truffles to review, however I did get them for free as I won their competition – woo hoo! They didn’t ask me to do a blog review, I’m just doing it on a whim, because it’s nice to hear about the lovely things that little companies like theirs are doing up and down the land!

Copyright © 2009 Berry Scrumptious
As the name suggests, Berry Scrumptious are a farm based enterprise, who use their carefully grown raspberries and strawberries to make delectable gourmet treats. One of my favourite things on their website are the chocolate covered strawberries – especially the incredibly cute wedding day strawberries – such a lovely gift for a happy couple!

So essentially, they combine delicious fruit, grown themselves, with tasty choccy in innovative and frankly quite beautiful ways. This is a good thing.

They sent me a pack of six Berry Truffles. The packaging was nicely understated, but sweet. I liked the handwritten label, someone has very nice handwriting! Our pack was said to contain Raspberry & Milk, Strawberry & Lemon, Strawberry & Balsamic Vinegar Cup and Raspberry Cup. This confused us ever so slightly because there appeared to be only three types, but with four flavours on the card. I reckon that we couldn’t tell the Raspberry & Milk and Strawberry & Lemon apart, but that’s probably down to our poor palettes.

That’s my only criticism really. We found that once we started eating them, the sweet berry juices were so fresh and sharp that it kind of overpowered your mouth, so they tasted quite similar. However, they tasted of nommy fruit and really high quality, well made truffle and chocolate, so I am in no way complaining.

The most distinct flavour was the Strawberry & Balsamic Vinegar cup, which was absolutely delicious, despite myself and The Boy having slight reservations about this flavour! I think the sharpness of the vinegar and strawberry flavours contrasted so well with the high quality dark chocolate bitterness of the cup and the smooth, sweet and luxurious truffle centre.

Well, I said this would be a short note, so I think I shall stop here. Suffice to say, these were absolutely delicious and I can’t thank Berry Scrumptious enough for picking me as one of their competition winners and giving me the opportuniy to taste some of their fine comestibles!

An extremely high class 9.99 out of 10 Extreme Points from me and a respectable 8 out of 10 Hippy points from The Boy – who said he marked harshly because he found it hard to distinguish between the flavours and sometimes it was hard to visually tel which flavour corresponded with which flavour on the card.

I appear to have actually dribbled on this one
But we’re really picking fault. They were really beautiful chocolates. Try them for yourself and tell us what you think.

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