Potatoes: The Result

The potatoes took a bit of a battering in the recent heavy winds so we weren’t sure how things would end up. We’ve only had a couple of flowers on them and not much action since then. Since a couple of the stems have broken and died in the wind, we decided today was the day to pull them up and see what we’ve got.

We were both quite excited to see what our crop was like and we’ve already decided to put some more potatoes in that will hopefully be ready in the autumn. We couldn’t find anything to tip the soil out on to but we’ve got plenty of spare pots so this compost won’t go to waste, we can get some more bits and bobs out for summer crops too.

So we tipped them out and I think somewhat to our surprise potatoes came out! They look lovely as well, really smooth skin and a lovely yellow colour. I think they’ll be delicious. We’re trying to decide what to make with them so we can really appreciate their flavour. I’m thinking simply roasting them or a warm potato salad. We’ve got a huge amount of Greek basil that was a reduced supermarket rescue so maybe that will be the way to go.

For now the potato saga has come to an end. Twas a very satisfying business all round. We’ve got ourselves a decent bag of lovely potatoes and now the excitement grows as the rest of our garden develops and grows in today’s beautiful weather. Long may it continue.


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