Guerrilla Crochet: Worldwide Knitting in Public Day

 Today is Worldwide Knitting in Public Day. In true fashion, I just have to be a little different, so I have just been out crocheting in public.

Well, in fairness, I am in the middle of a crochet project, but I haven’t got any knitting on the go at the moment, so it was just a natural move. However, if anyone asks, I am telling them that I am engaged in some Guerrilla Crochet. It seems much more appropriate for the practice on an Extreme Housewife.
Turns out that crocheting on the move is a bit trickier than normal crochet. I can well imagine that the intention is for people to knit in parks, or on the bus, somewhere a bit more sedentary, however I thought if I have to blow 10 minutes of my life walking to tesco and 10 minutes walking back I might as well get something a bit more productive done. It is quite tricky though. 
I’m not as experienced at crochet as I am at knitting, so I have to watch what I’m doing a lot more. I found there were many obstacles along the way – crossing roads without getting run over, not walking into lamp posts and also keeping my mate, Sam engaged in conversation so he wasn’t as bored as me at having to go to tesco. 

When we actually got into the shop, it was even more difficult – handling a basket, remembering what you actually needed to buy in the first place, finding the right aisle and not tripping over small children or walking into trolleys. However, I persevered and I believe the experiment was a success. I didn’t get forcibly ejected from the premises, which was a bonus, and at the end of it all I treated myself to a well deserved sit down and a little spot more crochet.

But soon it was time to go home. Luckily it turns out that the police don’t feel like arresting you for crafting in public either – phew!


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