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REVIEW: Sol Solis Imprint Jewellery

I wanted to write a review of the beautiful necklace that I was lucky enough to receive recently. It’s taken me a week to get around to writing it because I literally haven’t taken it off since I received it! Well, I took it off at bedtime, bath time and when I was at the gym, but you catch my drift.

Clever inkless wipe prints!

I won my imprint necklace in a competition on the Sol Solis Jewellery facebook page earlier in the year. They are quite a unique little company, who have harnessed some clever jiggery pokery to produce silver and copper jewellery with personalised patterns in. You can get footprints, handprints, or even doodles reproduced in any number of cute designed pieces.

One of the main reasons I wanted to blog about my necklace was because the process is so clever. Sol Solis send you a special piece of sensitized paper and a chemical free inkless wipe kit to create your prints. The inkless wipes are apparently what they use in hospitals to take prints from premature babies, so you can be assured that they are uber safe to use. The wipe itself is sort of like a face wipe – no mess or fuss, just a rinse with soap and water after use. After you’ve wiped whatever you’re printing with the ‘face wipe’ type thing, you apply it to the special paper and hey presto! within seconds, the print appears, as if you’d used an ink pad! As you can see from our piece of paper, it was so much fun that when we’d done with the cat, we had a go with our own thumbprints!

So, foolishly, I decided that I wanted Morrighan’s footprint on the necklace I had won. Transpires that it is possible to take a young cat’s footprints, but they probably won’t thank you for it and you’ll have to run around for a while afterwards trying to catch them to give their foot a good rinse. Do have treats to hand. I would imagine a small human might be slightly more compliant.

Nonetheless, I got some prints, slightly unsure of how they’d turn out in jewellery form and sent them off. And here’s the result!

My lovely necklace!

 I’m really pleased with it! You can get a name added on to your jewellery if you like. They showed me the design with ‘Morrighan’ written on, but I much preferred the simplicity of just the paw print on its own. The really incredible thing is that the way they transfer the design to be made, sort of takes information from the print about the pressure on each point of the footprint and therefore gives your print in realistic relief! Very clever and a very lovely talking piece. I for one could not be happier!!

NB – Sol Solis did not ask me to write this post, however they were kind enough to run the competition which I was lucky enough to win. I have written this post because I wanted to share, end of. 🙂

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