Most complicated thing I’ve ever crocheted!

I’ve just finished crocheting myself a new jumper! It’s one of the most complicated things I’ve made in the few short years since I first learned to crochet, so I’m quite proud of myself and thought I’d share!

The pattern came from  Crochet Me: Designs to fuel the Crochet Revolution by Kim Werker. This is a lovely little book that I’ve had for a few years, bought for me as a gift originally. I find the patterns really easy to follow and there are lots of useful information panels in there that help with trickier processes like pattern blocking.

I made the top using a 4mm hook and some lovely soft Bergere Tweedine yarn in Cassis, that I won from one of the knitting magazines. Still got two balls left as well, so there’s another project in the making!

Admittedly it’ll look better when I’m not wearing a maxi underneath

Still, it has taken me a few months, but mainly because there were long periods of weeks where I put it down to do other things, like making Kay, of Brink of Bedlam a strawberry shaped mooncup holder and a number of other small gifts for various people.

So now I am free of the never-ending purple jumper saga. It fits, it’s comfortable and a bit different so I am happy. What next? Well, some of our best friends will be having there first child in September. I feel the urge to crochet tiny things!


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