Cherry Bakewell Eggless Cupcakes

I was thoroughly determined that I was going to bake today. It’s a Bank Holiday, and I got some silicone cupcake cases for my birthday, which I have not had the opportunity to use yet. However, as usual when I come to bake I found that at least one vital ingredient was missing. Today it was eggs. I looked around the internet for a while at a huge range of eggless sponge and cupcake recipes and eventually realised that they were all slightly different and, not having any oil in either, I didn’t generally have the right ingredients in for anything.
It was time to completely blag a recipe, as I got bored of googling but not actually baking. So, I used about 150g of self raising flour, about 100g of marg, 100g sugar, a pinch of baking powder for good measure, a good dollop of plain yoghurt and enough milk to make a cupcake batter. As I have jam in and I was determined to use it, I decided on a whim to recreate one of my favourite baked treats, the Cherry Bakewell, in cupcake form. Therefore I also added a good dash of almond essence to the batter.When filling the cases, I put a spoonful of the mixture in first, then added a dollop of jam, then topped with another spoonful of cake batter. In the spirit of pure guesswork, I put them in the oven at about 184’C for about 17 and three quarter minutes. Pretty much a hot oven, until they were cooked.
And there you have it. As usual, I was far too impatient to eat them to wait for them to cool properly before I iced them, so the icing melted in a bit. However, I can confirm they are nommy. Yum. One to remember.

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