Ban The Bomb: Weekend Crafting

John Lewis Wooden Peace Symbol – £15

I nearly had a moment of weakness the other week in John Lewis. I was on the verge of buying a lovely wooden CND symbol ornament for £15. I carried it around the shop for quite a considerable amount of time, stroking it, but after a while I realised that I’d just feel bad if I spent £15 on an ornament. By that time I’d had it for long enough in my hands that the shiny new feeling had worn off so I was quite able to put it back on the shelf without purchasing it.

I occasionally get pangs, thinking I might go back and get it (it would look lovely on my fireplace) but even just seeking out the picture and putting it on my blog now seems to have helped. Anyway, this whole incident made me wonder why I have not been doing my own home crafty decor using the CND symbol.

And now I have made my own little piece of Art-Attacky Crafty Goodness in my house, to replace the hole where a CND symbol shaped ornament should be. Hooray!

N.B It really is proper Art Attack. Neil Buchanan would be proud of the papier mache on newspaper, finished with acrylic paint type action that I have been engaged in.

Draw the desired outline onto a large piece of cardboard.

Cut that shape out, carefully, using a completely inappropriate tool like a Leathermann,
because that’s what’s to hand and it make take years to find your craft knife.
Cover the outline with screwed up newspaper, masking taped into place.
Stick bits of loo roll all over the newspaper 
using slightly watered down PVA glue, or something similar.
When that’s all dry, paint it up using acrylic paints, for a nice shiny finish.
Ta da!


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