The potatoes are taking over the world!

Everyone seems to have enjoyed my gardening post last week, so I thought I’d update you. With the beautiful weather we’ve had, everything is going rather well. Even the sunflowers I put in last weekend have already started to sprout!

The potatoes last week

The potatoes this week. Note the bag is unrolled!

It turns out that our potatoes are taking over world. Herewith, pictures of the incredible growth spurt they have undertaken. We have been unrolling the bag and piling soil on them at a rate of knots. I would be a bit scared, but remember this is Extreme Gardening! Where would any self respecting Extreme Housewife be without unprecedentedly fast growing vegetables?

Is unprecedentedly even a word?

The brussel sprouts are coming on too…

So, we’re off to the garden centre today. Now it is clear that I have planted far too many things, as expected, it’s time to go and buy even more plants!

I bought a few more things last weekend, some sunflowers, onions and radishes – no sign of these yet, apart from the mini greenhouse based sunflowers, which are making a shock appearance a week early.

Look carefully at the back for parsnips, carrots and melons!

Progress on the items reported on last week is also good. The sweetcorn are turning into really bonny plants. I’m not sure how the root system is looking so I think I’ll take a punt and plant half of them into the border this weekend, and save the other half for a couple more weeks in their baby pot in the greenhouse. That way I should be protected if there’s another unexpected frost.

The swede’s are coming along well, except for one pot which appears to have had their stems munched by something. In the heat of Wednesday, these got a bit frazzled, so we’ve brought them inside for some extra TLC.

I’m also happy that my melons (oo-er) and parsnips have decided to make an appearance. Parsnips are apparently slow germinators so I didn’t expect to see them for a while, but happily there’s evidence of at least 5 breaking through the surface today and I have two tiny melon seedlings thus far. The melons were old seeds we picked up from a bootsale, so bonus. No sign of the courgettes or beans I put in last week yet, but it is a bit early. Next phase will be getting a couple of growbags for the courgettes and melons. More on that as it happens. This is the Extreme Garden, signing off.


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