REVIEW: Spanx Super Power Panties Shapewear

The lovely ladies at Tights Please have asked me to review a pair of shaping tights for them. Right now, I couldn’t be happier to do this. Having been in Italy for nearly a week and not been to the gym, the old tummy’s taken a bit of a bloating on account of all the fine food and pizza, so this is just the sort of product I need in the interim until I get my energy back and my waistline down!

In case you haven’t come across Tights Please, they are a full on awesome, drool inducing website who supply all the tights, hold ups, leggings, stockings etc. under the sun! Yes, they have sent me some free shapewearbut I was singing their praises way before that! I am slightly tights-obsessed though… I mean seriously, tell me these aren’t cool! They also are very friendly on Twitter, which is how I got talking to them.

The shaping tights that they sent me are Spanx by Sara Blakely Super Power Panties. The packaging is as exciting as the name! I like the cute cartoons, especially the panel in the central packaging, which informs me I can do anything in my Spanx – even put out a fire. Which is cool, because I’m usually rubbish in a crisis.

I received the black version in a size A. They have a really useful sizing grid where you compare your height to your weight to find which size is appropriate, which I thought was much easier to use than normal 8, 10, 12 etc. sizing guides, which seem to vary from shop to shop. The tights themselves are very silky to the touch, quite luxurious and certainly feel of a very high quality.

Putting them on, I found them to be very comfortable. They were certainly noticeably pulling me in, but certainly not uncomfortably. The dress I was wearing did not cling over the top and the legband free design did exactly what it said on the tin and prevented naughty bulgy thighs! The only slight downside that I could see is that you still get a slight VPL around the waist, but not offensively so. I guess they have to end somewhere and if you’re wearing a tight dress it’s bound to happen!

Normal pants

So here are my before and after photos. Let’s face it, that’s the only way to really know if they work or not! We tried to take them the same, but I appear to have cropped them slightly differently. Please do not laugh at my antipasto/pasta/beer/wine belly, this will be dealt with soon. However, I think the results are clear. A much more svelte and generally clearer silhouette is totally present. I’m extremely happy with it. I think the only negative comment on the shape would be that they are verging on too long for this length of dress – but if I used the natural shade of shapewear it would be fine. I just wanted to pick this dress because it’s been in my cupboard for ages as one of my clingiest numbers and I’m hoping to get ready to wear it by the summer!!

I give these tights an epic 9 out of 10 extreme points. They do everything they say on the tin and the only flaws I saw were probably only issues because I’m a picky perfectionist. Great stuff.


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