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I’ve been asked to review the Photo Printing Offers at http://www.freephotoprinting.net/. I’ve not used this site before, but as we have so many lovely photos from the Mona Lisa toast mosaic in Matera, it really couldn’t have come at a better time. It would be great to get some prints for free!!! So here goes…

The site has a clear, easy to follow layout. They are a sort of price comparison site, they trawl the web looking for the free offers on photo printing so you don’t have to. There is a list of step by step instructions on using the site, next to a list of the companies that have current offers for free prints with no obligations to buy anything else. I think I’ll have a go, see if I can get me some freebies!

Each of the companies listed on the site has two links – one giving information on the offer, and one link to click to claim the offer.  At the moment there are enough links for you to get 785 free prints! The first company on the list that I’ve got is Truprint. The info page is telling me that this offer is exclusive to www.freephotoprinting.net/ so that’s quite cool. 

The link on the Truprint website has asked me to create an account. However, I already have a Truprint account, so I’m guessing I’m not eligible for the offer :(. That said, the site is offering me the opportunity to create another account with a different email address, so I’m sure you could do that instead. It feels a little bit cheeky to me though, so I’ll leave that one for now!!

The next link is Snapfish.com – 40 free prints. Curses, I appear to have an account there already! (When did I sign up to all these photo websites…?!!) On to the next site – mypix.com, wow – this one is 80 free prints for new customers.

*some time later*

Well, I’ve uploaded 80 photos onto Snapfish.com. Waiting for them to finish uploading now. Phew, it took me a long time to choose which ones I wanted printing! I see a montage coming on. While that’s doing, let’s have a shufty round the rest of the site… They have a lot of other sections other than photo printing. There’s photobooks, gifts, acrylic prints, photo canvases and caricatures. I can’t believe you can get these for free! Let’s see what they say.

Ah, no, this is more of a price comparison section. There are offers on photo books from £5.99 for mini books and £19.99 for big books, which seems a reasonable deal to me. The caricatures look quite fun. Not the sort of thing that I’d want, but simple to upload a photo, choose the style and then get the work done by a professional artist. The acrylic prints and canvas print sections look like reasonable prices too. I think I’d have to get better at taking photos before I invested in something like this.

As you can imagine, there’s a tonne of stuff in the photo gifts sections. This would be really useful if you had a personalised gift to create – t-shirts, mugs, jigsaws, keyrings etc. My personal favourite is the Pop Art section, where you can get your photos made into bright Andy Warhol style prints. This would negate the need for me to get better at taking photos!

OK, still waiting for my photos to finish uploading, so I’ll call it a day here so I can get on with other things. I think that www.freephotoprinting.net is a useful resource. It’ll save you some time searching the web yourself and the price comparison results seem nicely comprehensive. There’s also some exclusive deals on there that you won’t find anywhere else. So thumbs up, for ease of use and convenience it gets a very respectable 8 out of 10 Extreme points!


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