Insulting Treacle Tart

I learned something new today. Treacle tart is insultingly easy to make. There was me, for all these years, ordering treacle tart off restaurant menus, when all the time I could have been making it at home for a fraction of the price! Gutted.

I found a Keith Floyd recipe online. I had been wanting to make something that used Golden Syrup as I’ve had a jar in the cupboard for some time and only used a little bit. Treacle tart came up almost straight away *facepalm* – literally never occurred to me before.

I made some shortcrust pastry with a dash of sugar in the food processor (half butter to flour and a dash of water) and put it in the fridge while I made the filling. Gently heating about 8-9 tbsps of Golden Syrup on the hob, I added a pinch of ground ginger, a tsp of lemon juice and just over 100g of breadcrumbs, which I reused the food processor to whizz up. Mixing that altogether and turning off the heat, I rolled out the pastry to fit the tin, neatened up the edges and used the trimmings to make a lattice for the top of the tart.

I whacked the whole thing into the oven, after an egg wash, on 190’C for about 25 minutes and Bob’s your Biscuit – treacle tart. It did good things, after cooling for 15 minutes, with some Tesco value ice cream. I urge you all to try it! Simples!


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