Gym Update

More for my reference than anyone else, but if you can be bothered to read it I hope you’ll see an improvement!!

Tues 18th Jan
1k row 5 min 11 secs, 56 cals
10 min walk, 50 cals
30 bicep curls, 30 chest presses, 30 leg presses

Weds 19th Jan
Legs, Bums and Tums (LBT)

Thurs 20th Jan

Mon 24th Jan
20 min crosstrainer 150 cals
20 lat raises, 30 bicep curls, 30 chest presses

Tues 25th Jan
16 min treadmill, 15% incline, 140 cals

Weds 26th Jan

Tues 1st Feb
25 min crosstrainer, 2.6k, 206 cals
30 lat presses, 30 bicep curls, 30 chest presses

Weds 2nd Feb

Thurs 3rd Feb
10 min walk, 15% incline, 100 cals, 0.88km
4 min fish game rown, 1335 points, 779metres
10 min cycle, 3km, 60 cals

Friday 4th Feb
Body Combat

Monday 7th Feb

Tues 8th Feb
13 min cycle, 3km, 65 cals
10 min walk, 15% incline, 0.86km, 88 cals
45 lat press, 30 bicep curls

Thurs 10th Feb

Fri 11th Feb
Body Combat

Sat 12th Feb
Body Combat

Tues 15th Feb
10 min walk 15% incline, 0.9km, 100cals

Weds 16th Feb

Thurs 17th Feb
3 min treadmill warmup 35 cals

Fri 18th Feb
Body Combat
13 min walk ,15% incline, 125 cals, 1.25km


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