Getting Active

I joined the gym just over a fortnight ago, but I thought I’d start keeping a record of my exercising from the beginning of January. Not really for the interest of anyone else reading this, but mainly so I can remember what I was doing and see if I start improving!!

Monday 3rd January
* 2k row, 10min 45 secs, 106cals
* 3.4k cycle, 12 mins, 68 cals
* Free weight machine thingies – 30 leg curls, 30 lateral raises, 30 bicep curls (on the machine’s lowest setting 2.5kg – GRRRRR!!! LOL), 50 leg press

Tuesday 4th January
* 1k walk, 10% incline, 13 mins, 160 cals
* 4k cycle, 13 mins, 65 cals
* Free weights – 30 lateral raises, 30 biceps on 2.5kg – and 5 reps on 5kg (woop woop!), 30 thigh press

Thursday 6th January
* My first 1/2 hour ‘Core’ exercise class! Focusing on the abs area in the main, we did a jog and a stretch, then lots of sit uppy, stretch, weighty, pilates bally type things that will undoubtedly make my tummy hurt tomorrow!
* 18 mins on the walking machine (yes I know it’s the running machine for some people, but that really isn’t my style, trust me!). 1.5km at roughly an 11% incline throughout, about 120m climbed, roughly 120cals burned.

I think for my next trick I will try another class and I don’t seem to have touched the cross trainer yet this year, so I shall get back on that!


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